The Amazing Benefits of Fasting Backed by Science

A common question when it comes to fasting is if there are any other benefits that comes along with it, apart from the obvious: weight loss. In this article I will present some of the hidden benefits of incorporating fasting into your everyday life.

Fasting may boost your metabolism.

Contrary to popular belief, fasting has actually been proven to increase your metabolism (BMR). This occurs because your body increases the levels of norepinephrine as a reaction to the loss of food intake. A great benefit and prominent in shorter fasts with a duration of one to three days, after three days your body adapts to the loss of food intake.

Increases growth hormone secretion

Studies have shown that fasting can increase levels of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is an important protein hormone that plays a vital role in your muscle growth. This is why intermittent fasting (IF) has in recent years become such a popular regime among athletes and body builders.

Decreased inflammation

Another amazing benefit that some studies have shown is that fasting causes a decrease in levels of inflammatory markers. You may have heard that red meat and some produce cause inflammation in the body? Well, fasting takes care of that by giving your body a break, allowing it to recover its levels.

This benefit results in a better immune system and in the long term reduces the risk of chronic conditions – cancer, heart disease etc.

Longevity and delayed ageing

Animal studies have shown great potential of life-span extending effects of fasting. Who wouldn’t want to live longer and extend their life? Especially if it’s a healthy one. By fasting you give your entire system a chance to restore itself through autophagy.

Boost brain functions and increases mental focus

Fasting have been shown to have a significant effect on brain health. Both in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and similar conditions in the future. This one connects well with the previous benefit.

You also feel more sharp and focused while actually fasting, and I’ve heard several accounts of people with ADHD/ADD who fast to be able to concentrate.

Ending note

I hope you liked this short post of some of the benefits that’s actually been proven and linked to the practice of fasting. I would love to hear some personal stories of how you guys feel in a fasted state and how it feels to have incorporated it in your everyday life, so please share it down in the comment section below!

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