The Best Apps for Tracking Your Fasting Progress

So you’re looking for a way to track your fast and perhaps even the results? Here’s a list with the most commonly used and best apps for tracking your fasting progress.

Zero – The popular option for iOS users

With simple functions and an simple yet elegant design this app was one of the first on the app store and remains very popular. Set up your fasting protocol and you’re good to go. Great for intermittent fasting (IF) as it gives you a notification when you’ve reached your goal for the day. Can also be used to track extended fasts even though the goal is limited to 24 hours.

Download on the app store.

Vora – The best option for Android users

Vora has always been the best option for Android users but is now also available for iOS devices. It includes several more features compared to Zero such as statistics of your fasts and a optional social element to it. You can log your weight and keep a fasting journal as you’re going along. A great fasting tracker with everything you need.

Download on the play store. | Download on the app store.

FastHabit – Another option for iOS users

FastHabit is another iOS only app with a great design and similar features to Vora. Perhaps you’ve tried Zero but want more features? This is your choice.

Download on the app store.

Bonus: Dont wan’t to use an app?

If you don’t want to use an app or perhaps don’t own a smartphone, I’d suggest using It’s a website with similar features to the apps and great for someone looking for a site to track their progress. You can see an estimate on how many calories you’ve burnt in a fasting state and log your weight to see your results. Keep in mind that the calories burnt feature isn’t entirely reliable but a rough estimate, but maybe it’s motivating for you to see. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks:

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